Advanced Concrete Waterproofing & Drainage Products

Advanced Concrete Waterproofing & Drainage Products

Big Sky Waterproofing knows that not all home sites are the same, some sites require more protection than others based on their design and location. We provide the following "Advanced Waterproofing" methods and products for the most challenging of sites.

For these foundations we start with the spray applied "Watch Dog H3" rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane to be used as a sealer and adhesive.

The second layer of protection is called a "sheet waterproofing membrane". This product is applied over the first sprayed layer forming a very tight bond. These two products combined provide the highest level of protection against moisture intrusion into the homes finished living space.

The final component in the advanced waterproofing system is called "drainage composite". This product is a polystyrene plastic dimple board with a filter fabric attached to the dimples, designed to allow surface and sub-surface moisture to flow through the core, down the wall and footing, directly to the homes perimeter drain tile. Installed prior to backfilling the foundation, this drainage composite also acts as a protection course over the two waterproofing membranes during and after the backfill process. Combined, these products are considered our highest level of protection to your investment.

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