We offer the Tremco product, TUFF-N-DRI H8 for applications requiring more than damp proofing and suggest this as the standard for all basements. This product is a Polymer-enhanced asphalt liquid that is spray applied. This product is 2 to 3 times thicker than our dampproofing product. The additional thickness and modified chemical compound allows for better spanning of cracks and increases its ability to deal with moisture. TUFF-N-DRI is able to deal with moisture more effectively and will stand up to hydrostatic pressure, or standing water even when spanning cracks in the foundation wall. See the specifications sheet on our products page for more information.

This product may be spray applied to damp or green concrete, allowing for a timely application process. The spray adheres to the pours of the concrete allowing a continuous application with superior bonding. We take care to "back brush" product into each tie hole to assure complete coverage.

If you have concerns that dampproofing may not be enough protection this is a great alternative. Should you have additional issues due to a building site with run off or seasonal conditions see our multi layer waterproofing system.