Concrete consists of three major ingredients; Cement, water, and aggregate. It can also consist of mixtures such as fly ash and other admixtures. It solidifies and hardens after mixing and placing due to the process called "hydration." Concrete is used to make foundations, sidewalks, roads, driveways, parking structures and overpasses. It has many other uses as well.

A typical cubic yard of concrete can weigh anywhere between 3,400-3,800 lbs, but it can vary greatly. 3,000 PSI of concrete is equivalent to 5.5, 90lb bags of cement.

Here at Easton Concrete, we reinforce our work with reinforcing bar (or rebar), welded wire mesh, or fiber mesh. This makes the concrete structure stronger as well as last longer. Rebar and welded wire mesh are arranged in a pattern before the concrete is poured. They come in many different sizes. See the charts below. Fiber mesh is made of synthetic fibers that is added to the concrete before it is poured to add extra strength.


Bar Size"Soft"Metric SizeWeight
Nom Diam.
Nom Diam.
Nom Area

Welded Wire Mesh

Sheet SizeSpacingGuage"W" NumberWeight Per Sheet
8 x 156" x 6"422871.4 x 1.425.2 lbs
5 x 106" x 6"422871.4 x 1.410.5 lbs
5 x 150 roll6" x 6"422871.4 x 1.4157.5 lbs
8 x 156" x 6"422242.1 x 2.136 lbs
8 x 156" x 6"421612.9 x 2.950.4 lbs
5 x 106" x 6"421612.9 x 2.921 lbs
8 x 156" x 6"420984.0 x 4.069.6 lbs
8 x 154" x 4"420984.0 x 4.0102 lbs